DIY Blueberry Vodka


One 750ml bottle of premium vodka
1 ½ Cups or 1 pint of washed, sorted blueberries
Large mixing bowl
Rubber spatula
Two 32 ounce jars with lids
Plastic wrap
Fine mesh strainer
Muslin cloth
Potato masher or equivalent

Place the blueberries into a large mixing bowl and lightly mash until all berries have been crushed. With the rubber spatula scrape the berries and all juice into the jar.

Pour the entire bottle of vodka into the jar and give the mixture a good stir. Keep the empty vodka bottle.

Place an appropriate sized piece of plastic wrap onto the mouth of the jar and seal with the cap. Place into refrigerator and allow to infuse for 2 weeks.

After vodka has infused, remove from the refrigerator, remove lid and plastic wrap and give one final stir.

Place fine mesh strainer over the second 32 ounce jar and pour blueberry vodka into the clean jar. Lightly press the berries with the masher to squeeze out as much liquid as possible.

Now place the funnel into the mouth of the empty vodka bottle, place a double layer of muslin cloth into the funnel and pour blueberry vodka into the bottle for the final filtering.

Blueberry vodka is best if kept refrigerated and best tasting if use within 6 months. Drink responsibly.

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